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The new wave of social curation tools

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A group of new social curation sites like Pinterest, Gimmebar,, and more make it effortlessly simple to share and curate the web. These tools are seeing huge growth, and may be the next wave of the web.


A bevy of curation sites like mlkshk, Gimmebar, Pinterest, have seen huge growth over the past year, and we're starting to see many of these ideas incorporated across the web. And it's not just a few new users signing up for a hyped service; Pinterest is seeing growth rates similar to Facebook's rate back in 2006, and users are up 40x in the past six months alone. Even indie hip hop darling Drake has taken notice of it on Tumblr: "Instead of kids going out and making their own moments, they’re just taking these images and living vicariously through other people’s moments. It just kills me."

Tumblr can be viewed as an early prototype with its dead simple tools for sharing different types of content, but many of these newcomers have added a grid-like design for easily browsing pages and sharing collections of pictures. Ex-Googler Elad Gil dubs it "social curation," and argues that these tools that let users effortlessly save, repost, and browse images — often with a bookmarklet or browser extension — are the next wave of social. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, these tools are more about sorting, tagging, and curating what you see around the web. Whether Drake is onto something or not, the massive growth and user engagement suggests the sites aren't going away any time soon.