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Kogeto iCONIC panoramic video coming to Galaxy Nexus and more

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The Kogeto Dot panoramic video lens for iPhone is moving to Android under the name iCONIC. Kogeto Dot will make a model for the Galaxy Nexus, but plans to license out the technology for OEMs to produce versions for other Android phones.


The Kogeto Dot 360-degree panoramic video accessory for iPhone began life on Kickstarter before "making it" at retail, and now it looks to be turning into a full-blown platform for Android. Kogeto announced today that it's producing its own version of the product for the Galaxy Nexus, under the name iCONIC. What are the other 99.7 percent of Android users to do? Well, Kogeto also plans to license the iCONIC technology to OEMs for producing models for a variety of Android phones, though this'll be limited to devices capable of 1080p video capture. The new iCONIC models will use an Android version of the free Looker app used on iOS to capture video, and you can preorder the Galaxy Nexus version for $79 at the end of this month.