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zBoost coming to CES with three new cellular signal boosters

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Wi-Fi will unveil three new zBoost signal boosters — the 4G-V, zForce, and SOHO Xtreme — at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

nBoost CES 2012 products
nBoost CES 2012 products

For those that buy into the idea of cellphone signal boosters, Wi-Ex's zBoost brand will be launching three new such devices this coming Monday at CES. First up is the 4G-V, which promises to "maximize" Verizon LTE service by offering devices "optimal quality and speed." It's slated for release in Q2 of this year for an as-yet unspecified price. Next we have the $99 zForce, an in-car cradle intended to enhance reception in vehicles and thus provide a superior hands-free calling experience. Wi-Ex claims this dual-band (800 / 1900MHz) unit reduces dropped calls and improves data signal when traveling. Finally, the SOHO Xtreme — compatible with the same handsets as the car adapter — can apparently extend signal strength to distances of up to 5,500 feet, making it a prime fit for the home or office, according to the company. Considering it sells for $549, we'd hope it functions as advertised. Both should be available once made official next week.