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PlayStation 3 Netflix app appears for some UK owners as service launch nears

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The Netflix app has started appearing on the homescreens of some UK PlayStation 3 owners, an indication that the service's UK and Ireland launch may soon be imminent.

Netflix App on UK PlayStation 3
Netflix App on UK PlayStation 3

While we've known that Netflix's streaming service will be launching in the UK and Ireland sometime early this year, the company's kept mum on exactly when. The wait may soon be over, as the Netflix app has begun showing up on the homescreens of UK PlayStation 3 owners. A reader sent us the above photo, and while the service isn't live yet — signing up for an account brings up a "We'll be available in the UK soon" message — the rollout does seem to indicate that Netflix is gearing up for the official launch. We don't have pricing details or a full list of content partners just yet, but one thing's for sure: fans of the BBC's programming should be very happy.

Thanks, Peter!