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Android gets multi-windowed UI with new Wind River software modules

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Wind River has announced a series of software modules that Android OEMs and developers can use to quickly add features to Google's mobile OS — including adding a multi-windowed environment.

Wind River's Windowed Android Environment
Wind River's Windowed Android Environment

Intel subsidiary Wind River has announced a series of software modules that allow Android OEMs and developers to quickly add functionality to Google's OS — and perhaps make mobile devices act more like traditional PCs in the process. The Solution Accelerator modules come in three flavors — Medical, Connectivity, and User Experience — and while the first two implement Bluetooth Health Device Protocol and DLNA support, respectively, it's the latter that takes the biggest leap. The User Experience module adds a multi-windowed environment, allowing several active windows on a device at any given time, just like a traditional desktop OS. Speedier boot times and a new firmware management system are also part of the package.

Currently Android acts like its other popular mobile brethren, with one application taking over the screen at any given time. Widgets have provided users more dynamic functionality for some time, but as devices scale in size and multi-tasking becomes an essential priority, the need for a more robust solution is obvious. It's not clear how well Wind River's solution will work in practical applications, or if its modules are ready for Ice Cream Sandwich (the sample image is decidedly not based upon Google's latest release). Wind River will be showing off their wares at CES 2012, however — and we'll have more details for you then!