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Asus Windows 8 ARM tablet for late 2012, 3G Transformer Prime in March

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At a pre-CES briefing in Taipei, Asus confirmed that a Windows 8 ARM-based tablet will be released before the end of the year. The 3G version of the Transformer Prime got handed a March release date, and will feature an upgraded GPS module in the wake of issues with the Wi-Fi model.

transformer prime
transformer prime

Asus will release a Windows 8 ARM-based tablet this year, but it might be a little later than we previously thought. That's what Netbook News heard out of a pre-CES 2012 press event in Taipei, where head of the Eee division Samson Hu pegged the device for a release at the end of 2012. The company should also have two new tablets to show off at CES, likely a 7-inch device along with a new 10-inch model. Hu also confirmed a March release date for the 3G-equipped variant of the Transformer Prime, and that it will feature a more powerful GPS module to correct issues with the Wi-Fi model — hopefully it'll play nice with the tablet's design this time.