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NASA announces portal for open source projects

NASA announces portal for open source projects


The newly announced code.NASA website expands NASA’s open source activities for researchers.

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An open flow of communication is essential for scientific research, and over the years NASA has created a number of initiatives aimed at spreading the information (not to mention the love).The newest of these, code.NASA, aims to "continue, unify, and expand NASA’s open source activities" by surfacing existing projects, providing forums for researchers, and all sorts of useful things. In its current form, the site provides info and resources for people hoping to avail themselves of the agency's open source bounty, and future updates will include forums, tools, and other resources to aid the goal of building "tomorrow’s space and science systems... in the open." Sounds like a good plan to us! Especially since we'll be depending on Soyuz spacecraft to get to the ISS until we can get manned commercial vehicles off the ground and into orbit.