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YouTube scam domains handed over to Google

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Google has won the rights to fraudulent domain names that exploited misspelled attempts to visit YouTube. The National Arbitration Forum panel upheld Google's complaint on every count.

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We reported a while back on Google taking legal action against a phishing scammer who'd registered misspelled YouTube domains such as Unsurprisingly, a single-member panel at the National Arbitration Forum has found in Google's favor, with the domain owner not even filing a response to the complaint. The ruling seemed inevitable from the start, and the panel upheld Google's complaint on every count: the domains were found to be "confusingly similar" to Google's trademark and being used in bad faith, with the owner not having any relevant rights or interests to the YouTube name. As such, the offending domains will simply now be transferred into Google's ownership, with no further damages sought or awarded. Attempts to access the scam domains show that the sites have been taken offline, though they don't yet redirect to the real YouTube.