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Victorinox 1TB USB / eSATA flash drive coming to CES

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Victorinox, which manufactures the Swiss Army Knife, is unveiling a 1TB combination USB 2.0 / eSATA II flash drive at CES.

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Victorinox, maker of Swiss Army Knives both with and without flash drives, will be bringing a 1TB combination USB 2.0 / eSATA II flash drive to CES. The drives appear to come in red and black, with a version that includes a penknife and scissors as well as one with just the drive. Besides the massive size, the drives also have a monochrome LCD that displays their contents and may be able to include custom messages. There's no word on when the new devices will be available or how much they'll cost, but it's not likely to be cheap. For reference, a basic 64GB flash drive from Victorinox currently costs $290.99, and the same version with knife and scissors is $377.14.