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Sanho's CloudFTP brings Wi-Fi to external drives for $99.95

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Sanho's CloudFTP will take your USB drives and make their files available wirelessly through its internal Wi-Fi network. The device is available now for $99.95 from Sanho's online store.


Sanho's CloudFTP is a simple enough concept: hook up your USB drives to the small black box, and their files become available to mobile devices when you connect to its internal Wi-Fi network. We weren't all that impressed when we checked out a pre-release model back in November, but now there's pricing information for those of you who are still interested. The release claims immediate availability for $99.95 from Sanho's online shop as well as major online and retail locations, but we haven't been able to find it up for purchase anywhere quite yet. The price might seem steep, but if you don't need a whole new drive and simply want to upgrade your existing ones with Wi-Fi capabilities, this may be the device for you.