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TAND3M software lets two people use one Xi3 computer

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Xi3 Corporation, which makes low-power modular computers, is unveiling its new TAND3M software at CES. The software will allow two people to use the same computer simultaneously with separate monitors, keyboards, and mice.

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Xi3 Corporation, which manufactures the cube-like modular computer of the same name, will be demonstrating its new TAND3M software at CES. The software allows two users to hook up separate monitors, keyboards, and mice to a single Xi3 unit, then use them completely independently. Xi3 claims there's no drop-off in performance with two users, and is touting this as a way to further reduce electricity consumption on an already low-power device. It's similar to the company's existing Z3RO module, a piece of hardware that extends the capabilities of one Xi3 computer to four users.

The software is expected to cost around $100 — expensive, but far less than the cost of two Xi3 computers, which run $849 each for a basic model. It's also less than half the price of the Z3RO module, which sells for $250, and doesn't require separate hardware. TAND3M can be pre-loaded on a new computer or added to an existing one, and will work with all Xi3 machines running Windows or Linux. It should be available in the first half of 2012.