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SolarKindle uses sunlight to power your e-reader, priced at $79.99

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The SolarKindle — a combination case and solar-powered battery charger for the Amazon Kindle — will be available January 15th for $79.99.

The SolarFocus SolarKindle Cover
The SolarFocus SolarKindle Cover

The SolarKindle — a case and solar-powered battery charger for the Amazon Kindle — was announced back in November, but we didn't know when we'd be able to get our hands on it. Now SolarFocus Technology Company Ltd. has announced that the product will be available January 14th at a cost of $79.99. The device consists of a leather case and built-in extended battery, with a solar panel mounted on the front cover. The panel charges up your e-reader whenever you're near sunlight, and then juices up the case's own battery for backup power, providing a guaranteed three months of unplugged Kindle usage under a "normal sunlight environment." The included LED reading lamp lets you read E-ink prose in the dark for a claimed 50 hours before having to drawn upon the Kindle's own battery. The cover is pictured with the entry-level Kindle, so given the size differences users of the rest of Amazon's line-up are likely out of luck for now. SolarFocus will be showing off the case and its entire line-up of solar-powered devices this week at CES.