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LaCie goes Thunderbolt at CES 2012 with 2big RAID array and eSATA hub

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LaCie has announced new Thunderbolt-equipped products at CES 2012. The 2big Thunderbolt drive comes with a maximum 8TB capacity and boasts 311 megabyte per second write speeds. The eSATA Hub Thunderbolt Series has two eSATA ports for connecting to Thunderbolt-equipped machines, while sporting a secondary Thunderbolt port for attaching another device.

Gallery Photo: LaCie's external storage lineup at CES 2012 (pictures)
Gallery Photo: LaCie's external storage lineup at CES 2012 (pictures)

LaCie is expanding its Thunderbolt-capable offerings here at CES 2012 with its new 2big Thunderbolt series of drives and eSATA Hub Thunderbolt series. The 2big Thunderbolt series looks just like the existing Firewire- and USB-equipped models, and supports RAID arrays, hot-swappable disks, and daisy-chain configurations of multiple 2bigs. It maxes out at an 8TB capacity, all-the-while featuring transfer rates of up to 311 megabytes per second.

The eSATA Hub Thunderbolt Series enables dual eSATA drives to be connected to Thunderbolt-equipped machines, while offering a secondary pass-through Thunderbolt port for connecting other devices. Pricing for both products will be announced closer to availability before the end of March.

Update: Pictures below!