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Dish set to unveil 'Hopper' home DVR server and satellite-based broadband service?

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According to leaked reports, Dish Networks is set to unveil a new satellite-based broadband service and the "Hopper" home DVR server.

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Dish Network Logo
Dish Network Logo

Dish Network will be announcing a new satellite-based broadband service and home DVR server tomorrow, if leaked information proves accurate. According to MultiChannel News, industry trade magazine Dealerscope posted details on the new offerings only to quickly pull them — but not before the information had been snatched up. The new "Hopper" DVR is said to include three tuners and a 2TB hard drive, and will share your content over coax to a smaller thin-client set-top box the company is calling "Joey." Built-in Slingbox functionality will allow you to view content outside the home. Also said to be included with the Hopper is a service called PrimeTime Anytime, which would automatically record the primetime programming of the Big Four networks: Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC. While Dish reportedly had no comment when contacted about the leak, the company's website is currently teasing the Hopper product name.

The company's new broadband service is said to target the 8 million customers who are for the most part unable to receive broadband access via cable or fiber optic. And as if those details weren't enough, Dave Zatz is also reporting that the company will be dropping "Network" from its name altogether and introducing a new logo. It's all supposed to go down at Dish's live event tomorrow, and we'll be there to bring it to you!