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Movie Explorer acts as your film librarian for Windows

Movie Explorer acts as your film librarian for Windows


Media Explorer for Windows offers an easy way to keep track of the movies stored on your hard drive, importing metadata and artwork to make your library easily navigable.

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If you're a Windows user drowning in movies on your hard drive, and struggle to remember the difference between True Romance and True Lies, then Movie Explorer by Anlarke might be just the app you're after. Once you've chosen the folders your movies are kept in, the app scans the files and adds data from both IMDb and Moviemeter, including titles, descriptions, artwork, and user ratings. This is used to create a more manageable library similar to XMBC and Plex, with a clean user interface and flat-level file browsing. However, unlike these full-fledged media centers, videos will play within your favorite media player.

While the software is relatively simple, it's sure to fill a gap for some of you. We gave it a shot, and found it remarkably quick to scan the drive and collect metadata, though it's not 100% accurate and occasionally mistags some titles, requiring us to fix the link manually in an XML file. We also found it a little indiscriminate — it adds any files it finds, regardless of file type, so you'll need to be choosy about the folders you ask it to monitor. Bugs like these are to be expected, though — the software's still in the beta stage, and is free to download.