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Samsung announces Wi-Fi video baby monitor at CES 2012

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Samsung announces the Wi-Fi video baby monitor at CES 2012.

Samsung Wi-Fi baby video monitor
Samsung Wi-Fi baby video monitor

Good news, baby lovers! Samsung has just announced a brand new Wi-Fi video baby monitor here at CES 2012. The IP-based Wi-Fi video monitor pairs with your home network with one touch and doesn't require any special software. Once your camera is registered with Samsung, you'll be able to log in and view video activity at the company's SmartCam website, monitoring your baby (or whatever) in real time. The design of the camera itself is pretty slick, and measures 1.25-inches thick and 3.15-inches in diameter, and also has non-visible infrared LEDs onboard for low (or no) lighting monitoring situations, like when a child is sleeping. The monitor also has a microphone and speakers onboard for two-way talking and video recording. To top it all off, Samsung will have free apps for mobile use on Android and iOS devices. The Wi-Fi video baby monitor will be available in March for $149.