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Samsung announces Wi-Fi IP SmartCam at CES 2012

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Samsung Wi-Fi IP SmartCam
Samsung Wi-Fi IP SmartCam

Samsung has announced several new home video offerings at CES 2012, among them the Wi-Fi IP SmartCam, a camera used to monitor your home (or any other place with a wireless network). The SmartCam aims to make pairing with your home network easy, only requiring you to click the WPS button on your router– a process that supposedly takes less than 30 seconds. Once you set that up, you can create an account on the SmartCam site to view real-time footage from the device, without having to install separate software. The device also makes a one time handshake with the viewing device, remembering that connection in the future, and enabling direct streaming to the computer or mobile device of choice. The SmartCam supports 640x480 resolution video at 30 frames per second, and can record events up to 15 feet away in the dark thanks to its non-visible infrared LEDs. The SmartCam is also capable of two-way talk, and can be set to automatically record video when motion or a noise is detected, uploading it to a secure YouTube channel. To top it all off, Samsung plans on making free apps for iOS and Android to allow you to keep an eye on your home no matter where you are. The SmartCam will be available in March 2012 for $149.00.