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Panasonic Viera touch remote appears at CES

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A new Panasonic smart TV remote with a circular touchpad has appeared at CES 2012.

panasonic touch remote
panasonic touch remote

It looks like Panasonic is trying a new riff on an old idea for smart TV remotes — we've just gotten images of what looks like a new touchpad remote for Viera TVs. It's a pretty simple affair, with a circular touchpad up top and channel and volume buttons down below, but it's certainly better than using a standard remote D-pad to move a cursor around. Panasonic's been down this road before — it introduced a dual-touchpad TV remote at CES 2008 that never went anywhere — but it seems like these sorts of remotes are going to be all the rage this year. We'll try and dig up some more info on this thing soon, so stay tuned.