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ActiveVideo to demo CloudTV H5 with Siri-based navigation at CES 2012

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ActiveVideo will demo Siri voice navigation on TV set-top boxes running its HTML5-based CloudTV H5 app platform.

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ActiveVideo will demo voice-controlled navigation for TV set-top boxes using Siri at CES 2012. The company doesn't say how it'll do this, and Apple doesn't have an open API for its personal assistant program, so there are only a couple possible options. Either it hacks Siri, or simply uses the voice input function of Apple devices that isn't really exclusive to the AI program. However it gets them, voice commands are processed on its CloudTV H5 platform, which is built on HTML5 and runs in the cloud to make it compatible with any set-top box. The system works with existing cable network infrastructures and is supposed to ease navigation of services like video on demand, which is painfully cumbersome on most networks. Google TV promises similar improvements to the television-viewing experience and will make a big showing at CES this year. We'll get our hands on both platforms and share our impressions soon enough.