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Samsung inTouch brings HD Skype, web browsing, and apps to your HDTV

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Samsung's inTouch brings 720p Skype video chat and several apps to your non-internet connected TV.


Samsung just announced its new inTouch device for expanding web functionality on HDTVs lacking internet connections with an HDMI connection. It's a nice alternative to spending thousands on a new internet-connected TV; instead just bring the internet and apps via a separate device. The Wi-Fi-equipped camera system features a 720p webcam for HD Skype video chat, and essentially brings the connection to bring a small mix of apps and web browsing to your TV. There's simple YouTube, Google News, and Weather apps — it's hardly a fully-featured OS, but it does come with a QWERTY remote. The InTouch system lands March 2012 for $199.99.