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Sculpteo iOS app: 3D printing without the printer

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Sculpteo's free iOS app lets users order custom printed mugs and vases with a person's profile. Simply take a photo and choose an object, and you'll have a one-of-a-kind 3D object in around 30 days.


A new free iOS app from Sculpteo will let you craft 3D objects of your own without having to actually purchase a 3D printer. It works like this: you take a sideways photo of someone's face and the software automatically recognizes their profile, at which point you can order a vase or mug custom-printed with the silhouette. Users can also customize cups of varying sizes with 2D dot-matrix designs that can be previewed within the app before being printed three-dimensionally. We're told it takes around 30 days for orders to ship, and the mug costs around $39 while the larger vase is $299. More products are supposedly in the pipeline as well.