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Griffin Twenty amp adapts your old speakers to AirPlay using an AirPort

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The Griffin Twenty is an AirPlay adapter for older speakers. It uses an AirPort Express to hook them up to the wireless output from your iDevice.

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Gallery Photo:

AirPlay, the ability to wirelessly stream music out of your iOS device to nearby compatible speakers, is a pretty big deal to iPhone and iPad owners. Alas, thanks to some pretty silly pricing on AirPlay speaker sets, they've remained relatively uncommon and out of reach. Now Griffin's trying to capitalize on that market gap with its new audio amp, which straps on an AirPort Express and transforms any old set of stereo speakers into an AirPlay station.

The Griffin Twenty hooks up to the copper connectors from your speakers using spring-loaded clips on its back. It comes with an S/PDIF optical input and includes the necessary TOSLINK cable to connect to your AirPort Express. A chunky volume knob is also included for more refined adjustment. Griffin hasn't got a release date or a price to offer up yet, but we can imagine a ton of neglected old speakers would get a fresh breath of life by plugging into the Twenty.