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SolarKindle sunlight-powered Kindle battery pack hands-on

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Gallery Photo:

Remember the SolarFocus SolarKindle we told you about yesterday? We just got to try out that Kindle shell case with an external battery pack, pop-out light and thin, flexible solar panel here at CES. While it definitely adds a bit of bulk, the $79.99 accessory ($59.99 for the non-solar version) adds some functionality to an e-reader too, as the comfortable soft-touch covered case can completely charge the Kindle's battery, we're told. Unfortunately, the pop out light doesn't evenly illuminate the screen, but it seems quite usable. The non-solar version is on sale right now at SolarFocus' website, and the solar variant should be ready in about a week. Next up, the company's making a version for the Kindle Touch. Find pictures of both below.