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Parrot Asteroid in-car navigators run Android 2.3 (hands-on pictures)

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Parrot announced three new in-car navigation systems at CES Unveiled today, all of which run Android 2.3.

Parrot Asteroid
Parrot Asteroid

We just took a quick break from playing with Parrot's new AR.Drone 2.0 to check out the company's new Asteroid in-car navigation systems. These aren't the first of their kind from Parrot, but they're a huge upgrade: the last version of the Asteroid was based on Android 1.6, and this year's model runs Android 2.3. There are three different models of the Asteroid system: the tiny Asteroid CK, a modular, 3.2-inch device that you can mount to your windshield or dashboard; the Asteroid NAV, which has a 5-inch display; and the Asteroid 2DIN, a 6.2-inch multitouch-capable nav system that slots into your dashboard.

All connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and let you make hands-free calls, navigate, listen to music, and more, and they can all be hubs for your backseat entertainment as well. They're paired with a wireless remote control that you can mount to your steering wheel, in addition to the touch capabilities on the 2DIN. Because they all run Android, there's also potential for tons of Android apps to run on the Asteroid units (Deezer and TuneIn come preloaded). Pricing and availability weren't announced, but Parrot says it's going to have an app store for the Asteroid devices coming soon, which we're frankly pretty excited about — you can never have too many places to play Where's My Water.