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Toshiba's 14-inch Satellite ultrabook coming in May for $799

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Toshiba's 14-inch Satellite ultrabook is coming in May for $799.

Gallery Photo: Toshiba's 14-inch Satellite ultrabook
Gallery Photo: Toshiba's 14-inch Satellite ultrabook

Samsung already kicked off the trend of 14-inch ultrabooks, and now Toshiba's joining in. Or it will, when it brings its 14-inch Satellite ultrabook to the US this May with Intel's third generation Core processors (or Ivy Bridge). The .78-inch thick Satellite laptop is different than Toshiba's existing Portege ultrabook in two important ways — it's a bit thicker and it's more affordable. The $799 laptop is the cheapest ultrabook to date, and while Toshiba didn't detail the exact starting configuration for us, it does plan to use a hard drive and SSD combo to keep the cost down.

I got a quick look at the ultrabook a few weeks ago, and it's definitely an option for those looking for a more mainstream laptop (read: budget). It doesn't have an optical drive like Samsung's Series 5, but it does have an SD card slot, three USB ports, Ethernet and HDMI jacks, and a mic and headphones sockets. The 14-inch 1366 x 766 screen is surrounded by a rather large bezel and the two mouse buttons from the Portege Z835 have been replaced with a ClickPad. Check out the pictures below and look forward to hearing more about this one come the spring.