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Zomm Lifestyle Connect gives elderly a contact in case of emergency (hands-on pictures)

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Zomm launched the Lifestyle Connect today at CES, a Bluetooth-connected dongle designed to help the elderly in case of an emergency.

Zomm Lifestyle Connect
Zomm Lifestyle Connect

Zomm's always made products to help you track your stuff, but with the new Lifestyle Connect the company's fixed its focus on helping the elderly. The Lifestyle Connect is a small dongle that slips into a purse or clips on a shirt, and acts as an emergency response system for the scary "I've fallen and can't get up" moments. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and with the press of a button can alert one of Zomm's concierges (the company is using MyAssist for the service, the same folks behind many automakers' assistance products), who will get in touch with emergency services or nearby family members. The device lasts two weeks on a charge, and is a much more mobile solution than most of its competitors, which require you to be in range of a home base — Zomm reps said that many people they talked to felt trapped in their house, for fear that something might happen when they were out of range. The Lifestyle Connect system also works with Zomm's other tracking products, so you could use it to find a relative who's gone missing or even find something as simple as your keys. The device itself costs $199, plus a monthly fee of "less than $15," and should be available in the second quarter.