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Oregon Scientific Time and Wireless Charging Station+, ATCMini camera, and more (hands-on pictures)

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Oregon Scientific has brought a Qi-compatible alarm clock, a tiny rugged HD camcorder, and other gadgets to CES 2012.

Oregon Scientific Time and Wireless Charging Station+
Oregon Scientific Time and Wireless Charging Station+

Oregon Scientific, the perrinneal seller of weather stations, alarm clocks, and assorted electronic odds and ends, came to CES with a number of new product announcements spanning the full range. Top billing goes to the Time and Wireless Charging Station+, a beefier version of the Qi-enabled Wireless Phone Charging Station it had already been selling. The idea is pretty simple — it's a combination alarm clock and Qi-compatible power mat for your phone — but the new model also integrates a projector to beam the time onto your ceiling and offers indoor / outdoor temperature readings plus barometric pressure for a simple weather forecast. At $129, it's a little pricier than your average nightstand alarm clock... but then again, your average nightstand alarm clock doesn't keep your phone juiced.

Moving down the line, we also saw the company's diminutive ATCMini Action Video Camera, which isn't much bigger than a lipstick case and offers rugged 720p video, audio, and 1.3-megapixel stills in a 2.3-ounce package that the company claims is the world's lightest. A helmet mount is standard equipment, and you've got your pick of a bunch of optional mounts for handlebars, surfboards, and pretty much any other "extreme" sport you can imagine. It runs $179.

Rounding out the range are the Gaiam Touch Heart Rate Monitor — a simple sports watch with heart rate monitoring and a button-free design — and a Touch Advanced Weather Station. Like the watch, the new weather station is also button-free; it's designed for nightstand use but doesn't measure much bigger than a deck of cards tall, offering date, time, temperature, humidity, and pressure with an optional EL backlight. It runs $49.