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iHome iDM5 combines Bluetooth keyboard, speaker, speakerphone

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iHome brought a bevy of new products to CES, many of which go beyond simple iPod and iPhone speaker docks.

iHome iDM5
iHome iDM5

iHome's not making iPod docks anymore (at least not exclusively, anyway), and has come out with a number of cool new products that it's showing off at CES this week. The coolest of the new batch is the iDM5, which connects to any Bluetooth device and is a wireless keyboard, set of stereo speakers, and speakerphone all in one device. We also got to check out the iDM11, a tiny portable Bluetooth speaker / speakerphone that is aimed squarely at the Jawbone Jambox — and at $69, it might have a chance to compete. A number of iHome's other new products also have speakerphone functionality inside, which is certainly a nice addition to a Bluetooth speaker. Of course, we couldn't hear much of anything with the giant crowds milling around CES Unveiled, so we'll have to reserve real judgment for when we've got time. No word yet on pricing and availability, but we'll see what we can find out when the show floor opens.