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Disposable body metric patch from BodyMedia coming later this year

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BodyMedia introduced two prototype body monitor devices at CES 2012: a patch designed for temporary monitoring and a 3G-enabled version. Neither product is currently available.

Gallery Photo: BodyMedia health monitors at CES
Gallery Photo: BodyMedia health monitors at CES

Devices to monitor your health and exercise are nothing new, and neither are devices that communicate with apps on your computer or smartphone. BodyMedia has been offering all of the above for some time (its latest product is a USB-only body monitors that saves $20 off the retail price of the Bluetooth version), but it's planning on trying a few new things in 2012 and 2013. First is the Body Monitory Patch, a disposable body patch designed to track calorie burn, steps, and more — BodyMedia claims it collects 5,000 data points per minute. After a week's time, the patch can be simply removed, its data downloaded, and then it can be disposed. It's meant to have applications in health care, where long term tracking may not be as important as a short term diagnosis.

BodyMedia was also showing off another prototype, a monitor that includes a 3G cellular radio on Sprint in lieu of Bluetooth for direct uploading into the cloud. The company says that it won't be released until 2013, however, so you'll have plenty of time to get fit before you feel like you're being judged by yet another nameless, faceless computer.