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Volkswagen electric 'E-bugster' concept car to be unveiled this week

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Volkswagen is unveiling its E-bugster electric car at the North American International Auto Show, which kicks off on January 9th.

Volkswagen E-bugster
Volkswagen E-bugster

Electric cars may have gotten a bit of a black eye recently, but that's not deterring Volkswagen from unveiling its electric "E-bugster" at the North American International Auto show, which kicks off tomorrow. The E-bugster looks like VW took the bulbous look of its New Beetle and squashed it into something a lot more sporty — ironic, since this electric car includes a 114-hp engine (a far cry from the 260-hp that the electric DeLorean will feature). Like most other electric cars, the E-bugster gets less than 100 miles per charge, but it does offer a quick-charge capability to 80 percent in only 30 minutes. This car's just a concept, so don't expect to get behind the wheel of one next year, but auto fans should hear more about this next week in Detroit.