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GE upgrades camera line, launches X600 with 25x zoom for $199.99

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General Electric's camera arm added several new models to its line of inexpensive cameras, from a 25x superzoom to a sub-$100 camera.

GE Cameras
GE Cameras

GE's cameras got a top-to-bottom refresh today at CES 2012, with upgrades across its entire lineup of inexpensive point-and-shoot models. The new X600 has 25x optical zoom, and its DSLR-sized body also holds a 14.4-megapixel CMOS sensor, a 2.7-inch LCD, and 1080p video recording capability. There's some new HDR functionality as well, supporting up to six frames that get combined into one flawless (or awesomely bizarre) image. The best feature, though, as with all GE cameras, is its price: $199.99 is pretty hard to beat for such huge zoom. GE's other new cameras — the X550, G100, E1410SW, and C1440W — also received solid incremental upgrades, and none cost more than $159.99. GE's probably not the next Nikon, but it's churning out solid cameras at dirt cheap prices, and that's not such a bad combination.