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Victorinox Swiss Army launches ‘world’s smallest high-capacity SSD drive’

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Victorinox Swiss Army announced today at CES what it says is the world's smallest high-capacity SSD.

Victorinox Swiss Army SSD
Victorinox Swiss Army SSD

Victorinox Swiss Army is Swiss, so every good stereotype means the company must be obsessed with Swiss Bank-level security. The company's showing off its aptitude at CES, launching two new storage products that are designed to be super secure — the new Victorinox SSD and the Victorinox Slim 3.0 USB drive. (The it couldn't keep the new products a secret, which might not bode well.) The thumb drive-sized SSD is full of superlatives: according to the company, it's the smallest high-storage SSD on the market (it's the size of a Swiss Army knife), the first SSD with one connector for both USB and eSATA, and the first with an E Ink-based Bi-Stable graphic display for labeling the drive — plus, we're assuming that the two knives that come attached are also a first. It's available with between 64GB and 1TB of storage, and is capable of 220MB/s read speeds and write speeds up to 150MB/s. It has Victorinox's security software on board, which encrypts and backs up data, and also provides private browsing and safe syncing of bookmarks and passwords. The Victorinox Slim is similarly secure, offering lots of security and encryption software on USB 3.0-friendly flash drives with capacities between 16GB and 128GB. And yes, there are still two knives attached. Pricing and availability weren't announced, but you can bet these won't come cheap when they do arrive.