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Fulton's eCoupled wireless power now charges devices without direct contact

Fulton's eCoupled wireless power now charges devices without direct contact


Fulton Innovations is displaying its latest innovations in wireless power at CES, including a new spatial charging technology that allows devices to be charged when in range of a wireless power transmitter. This allows for charging without direct surface contact.

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Fulton Innovations has shown off its eCoupled wireless power technology at CES for several years, and this year's biggest advance is spatial freedom while charging. eCoupled can now charge a cell phone even when it isn't directly placed on a charging surface — As long as its in the general area of a wireless power transmitter, the phone charges, even if it's inside a purse or bag. There's no word on the specific range, but direct surface contact is no longer a requirement. We'll be able to check this technology out at Fulton's CES booth and see how effective it is in practice.

This new technology isn't just for charging small gadgets, either — Fulton claims eCoupled can wirelessly charge a Tesla electric car simply by driving the car over a designated charging spot (unfortunately, there won't be a demo available). The company will have some vehicle technology on display in the form of a car interior that's fully wired for eCoupled charging. You can charge your phone or other compatible device by placing it on just about any surface, including the dashboard, glove box, or center console.

There's also some less practical technology on display, including an issue of Entertainment Weekly with an eCoupled cover that lights up wirelessly. We don't know how much interest there is in light-up magazines, but Fulton's touting this technology as a way for publishers and advertisers to draw people's attention and make their products stand out more. Fulton's not the only one showing off wireless power at CES — Qi, the universal standard built by the Wireless Power Consortium (of which Fulton is a founding member), will have new technology on display as well. We'll be checking it all out to see how much closer we are to cutting the power cord.