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Sony SA-N310 and SA-N410 HomeShare wireless speakers bring AirPlay and DLNA to CES 2012

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Sony SA-N310 and SA-N410 HomeShare wireless speakers announced at CES 2012 with AirPlay and DLNA — available this summer.

Sony HomeSare
Sony HomeSare

Sony's CES 2012 blast continues with the introduction of two new HomeShare Network speakers. Both of the new SA-N310 and SA-N410 AirPlay speakers promise 360-degrees of "room filling sound" via AirPlay or DLNA sources just like the company's flagship $399 SA-NS500 HomeShare rechargeable speaker. That means you can stream and control music from your iOS devices over AirPlay, from PCs and some Android devices over DLNA, and from direct music streams from services like Slacker and Pandora. Sorry, no prices yet but Sony expects to begin selling its new HomeShare speakers sometime this summer.