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Dish Network Hopper and Joey multi-room DVR records six shows simultaneously

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Dish Network has announced the Hopper and Joey multi-room DVR solution at CES 2012. The Hopper has three tuners and 2TB of storage, and functions with up to three smaller Joey boxes.

Dish Network Hopper Joey
Dish Network Hopper Joey

Just as expected, Dish is introducing its Hopper and Joey multi-room DVR solution here at CES 2012. The main Hopper unit has a 750MHz processor, three tuners, Bluetooth (for wireless headphones), picture-in-picture, and 2TB of internal storage that can hold up to 250 hours of HD content or 1,000 hours in standard definition. The box's headline feature is PrimeTime Anytime, which uses one of the tuners to record all prime-time content from ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC nightly, effectively creating an on-demand library that's stored for eight days. (It also works with Dish's Blockbuster @Home on-demand service for $10 per month.) In all, that means the Hopper can theoretically record six different shows simultaneously: four primetime plus one on each remaining tuner.

There's also a Sling Adapter for controlling and viewing remotely, though there's no word on price. Together with up to three Joey companion boxes, Dish customers can watch HD content and control their DVR in four rooms over existing coax wiring, while just requiring one Hopper unit for the home. The Joey is the smallest satellite receiver that works as an HD DVR, and uses the same exact interface as the main Hopper unit. Unfortunately Dish did not announce any pricing information for the system, but we'll fill you in when it does.