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Samsung: Super OLED 55-inch TV on sale 'second half of the year'

Samsung: Super OLED 55-inch TV on sale 'second half of the year'


Samsung announces 55-inch OLED TV available for purchase in the second half of 2012.

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Samsung just joined LG here at CES 2012 with the introduction of its own 55-inch OLED TV. Like its Korean cousin, Samsung promises accurate color reproduction and "true-to-life picture quality" — not the typical hallmarks of oversaturated OLED panels. Super OLED features self-emitting RGB sub-pixels and is faster than LED, according to Samsung, "virtually eliminating motion blur." The TV also features the company's new "Smart Interaction" technology for TV control, relying upon two unidirectional mics and an integrated webcam for motion and voice control (on / off, volume, app activation, and browser search), and even face recognition like the 55-inch Lenovo K91 smart TV announced yesterday. And like the K91, the Samsung Super OLED TV is powered by a dual-core chipset that should allow it to run any of the company's 1,400 Smart TV apps with grace. According to Samsung's David Steel, Executive VP of Strategy, it will be on sale in the second half of 2012. For how much, is the question.