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Dropcam launches Dropcam HD with 720p video, two-way audio

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Dropcam launched the Dropcam HD today at CES, adding two-way audio and 720p video to its simple home monitoring camera.

Dropcam HD
Dropcam HD

Dropcam announced its latest model today at CES, the Dropcam HD. It's so named for one of its two new hallmark features: the camera now streams and records 720p video. It also adds two-way audio to the basic home monitoring and surveillance functionality the company's been creating for a few years. The basic functionality is still the same, with plug-and-play setup and live access from computers and smartphones, but now you can yell at your dog to stop sleeping on your bed instead of just watching it sleep. The camera also offers digital zoom, some panning ability, and even a "night vision" mode that lets you see in the dark. The company also announced a new DVR feature for the Dropcam HD, which will let you store up to a month of footage on Dropcam's servers for $9.95 / month. The Dropcam HD is up for pre-order now for $149, and will start shipping later this month.