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SpareOne: a cellphone that lasts for 15 years on a single AA battery

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The SpareOne is a phone designed for emergency and travel situations, offering up to 10 hours of talktime from a single AA cell. It transmits location information with the caller ID, features a flashlight and ships this quarter for $49.99.

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spare 640x500

The SpareOne is a simple phone from Xpal Power that'll hold a charge for up to 15 years unused, and should give you 10 hours of talk time all from a single AA cell. The phone is designed for use in emergency and travel situations — it features a flashlight, and transmits location data along with caller ID. Not to miss a chance for cross-promotion, Xpal Power is recommending its own Energizer Ultimate batteries, and one is included with the phone. The phone goes on sale nationwide for $49.99 this quarter.