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MultiTouch 55-inch Surface-like display now available, upgradable to Windows 8

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MultiTaction 55-inch Cell MT550W7 now available to order.

MultiTaction 55-inch display
MultiTaction 55-inch display

MultiTouch's 55-inch MultiTaction Cell MT550W7 display is now available to order. Powered by Windows 7, the giant interactive display includes unlimited numbers of touch points to allow multiple people to interact with it simultaneously. The display, mountable as a table, takes advantage of Intel's 2nd generation Core i7 processor, and supports Microsoft's Surface 2 SDK. You might consider this a Surface 2 competitor, due to its size and 8-inch depth, but the MT550W7 doesn't include Samsung's PixelSense technology — the magic behind Microsoft's latest Surface.

We spotted 3M's 46-inch multitouch table at CES 2012 this week, so it appears other manufacturers are attempting to build alternatives to Microsoft's own solution. MultiTouch is now accepting orders for the MultiTaction Cell 55" MT550W7, and promises to supply an upgrade path to Windows 8 before the end of the year.