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Nuance introduces Dragon TV platform for voice-controlled televisions

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Nuance's Dragon TV platform will enable manufacturers to add voice control to their television sets. Natural language recognition means that you can say things like "Go to NBC" or "Watch 'Boardwalk Empire' on DVR."

Nuance Dragon TV
Nuance Dragon TV

When Steve Jobs proclaimed that he had "finally cracked" the problem of the television, many began to speculate that it would have a voice-controlled interface with Siri-style magic. Here at CES 2012, Nuance — the company that powers Siri's voice recognition engine — is announcing a new "Dragon TV" platform of its own for manufacturers, OEMs, and service operators. The platform's headline feature is natural language recognition, which allows users to say things like "Go to NBC" or "Watch Boardwalk Empire on DVR." Nuance also says that the same chat interface can be used for sending messages or status updates to various social networks, so the possibilities here are virtually limitless. The platform is available now for OEMs and manufacturers; for more information, check out the full release on Nuance's website.