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Vizio thin-and-light laptops first hands-on!

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We've got pictures and previews of Vizio's first laptops

vizio comp
vizio comp

Don't call them "ultrabooks" — Vizio says they're thin-and-lights that meet or exceed Intel's ultrabook specs, but the company isn't using the name. Whatever they are, they're certainly thin, and that keyboard is something else. Vizio CTO Matt McRae told us the company is doing extensive testing on it to make sure it's comfortable, and we found it easy enough to type on, although the individual keys felt sort of huge. The build itself is nice and sturdy, with unibody construction, but Vizio won't tell us what processors or chipsets it's using inside — we're guessing it's Intel's Ivy Bridge. The 13-inch thin-and-light has a 1600 x 900 display, while the 15-inch has a 1920 x 1080 display — they're definitely nice and bright, and there's a neat display-off button on the keyboard so you can use shut it down while watching TV.

There's also a "full-size" laptop with discrete NVIDIA graphics — once again, the specific chip hasn't been announced so Vizio wasn't saying what it was, but they were quick to point out that even the full laptop is thinner than the MacBook Pro. Hitting that goal was undoubtedly easier since it doesn't have an optical drive — Vizio's selling a separate slot-loading Blu-ray drive.

The laptops are due out in May or June, and pricing is still to be determined.