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Bambook Sunflower: Qualcomm's second Mirasol ereader

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Qualcomm has announced its second Mirasol ereader, the Bambook Sunflower from Shanda. It'll ship next month for 2999 yuan (around $475) in China.

bambook 770
bambook 770

Qualcomm has announced a second Mirasol color ereader with a new hardware partner, following the Kyobo model that recently launched in South Korea. Shanda's Bambook Sunflower will ship next month for 2999 yuan (around $475) in China, and looks to be running near-identical hardware to the Kyobo with the same 5.7-inch Mirasol touchscreen and 1GHz Snapdragon CPU. This suggests that Qualcomm is searching for multiple hardware partners to produce variations on its own reference design. We'll definitely be scoping out Mirasol technology on the CES floor this week — keep watching the site for first-hand impressions.