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Fresh Nokia Lumia 900 images emerge ahead of CES 2012 announcement

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Nokia Lumia 900 images appear to have leaked ahead of Nokia's official CES 2012 press conference.

Lumia 900 leak
Lumia 900 leak

We're hours away from Nokia's press conference at CES 2012 today, and fresh images appear to have leaked of the Lumia 900. Nokia is believed to be introducing the 4G "Ace" LTE Windows Phone this afternoon, but PocketNow appears to have secured some marketing images. They don't demonstrate anything wildly new, but do seem similar to previous leaks of this AT&T handset.

Samsung and HTC are also expected to unveil LTE-equipped Windows Phone devices today, both running on a pre-tango operating system update. Nokia's rolling thunder US marketing push looks set to execute today, so keep your eyes on our live blog from Nokia's CES 2012 press conference at 3pm (PT) today for full details.