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Rovi's Digital Copy: buy an UltraViolet copy from your connected Blu-ray player

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Rovi Digital Copy Solution brings easy access to UltraViolet digital content to owners of connected Blu-ray players.


Rovi’s getting in on the UltraViolet action — its Digital Copy Solution software allows owners of connected Blu-ray drives from partner OEMs to unlock a digital download of their content for a dollar or two. After the user’s DVD or Blu-ray disc is placed in the tray of a Blu-ray player with Rovi’s software, the customer is given an opportunity to buy access to an UltraViolet digital download, streamlining the purchasing process. However, because the digital content is still being run through UltraViolet, it will be DRMed, meaning that you might not have access to it on all your devices. We're expecting to see players with the software this week at CES, and we'll keep you posted with more details as they come in.