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Ubuntu TV Unity UI video demo, more details revealed

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Ubuntu's upcoming TV platform has a Unity UI, store for purchasing movies and TV shows, a built-in program guide.

Gallery Photo: Ubuntu TV
Gallery Photo: Ubuntu TV

Yesterday we brought you the news of Ubuntu TV and its Unity-inspired UI, but today the company has shared a video showing exactly what to expect. It will have DVR capabilities and support for broadcast channels in US and EU formats, and a "shared-screen experience" with iOS, Android, and Ubuntu devices, letting you use a phone or tablet to view information related to whatever you're watching. There will also be smartphone apps for controlling your set. We get a look at the interface for scrubbing through videos, the included store for purchasing TV shows and movies, as well as the built-in program guide. It has a search bar up top that can learn your preferences make suggestions and searches various online sources. We spotted buttons for YouTube and BBC iPlayer along the left rail, though Ubuntu's site touts that it'll be open to developers and apps will be available in the Ubuntu Software Centre. There should be a prototype device on the show floor here at CES 2012, so stay tuned for more.