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Asus Eee Pad MeMO ME370T hands-on (update)

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ASUS memo me370t
ASUS memo me370t

We just got our hands on Asus' Eee Pad MeMO ME370T — a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen tablet with a 1280 x 800 resolution, 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm 8260 processor, 1GB RAM, and Android 4.0. It's not the thinnest tablet out there, but it felt fairly small in the hands and it's definitely lightweight. Performance is also snappy, and we didn't notice any lag moving in and out of applications.

Update: It turns out that just like with the Asus Padfone, the company's not quite done tweaking the design. Asus tells us that the MeMO ME370T may wind up getting a Nvidia Tegra SOC instead of the Qualcomm chip, and losing the stylus along with it. You can already see there doesn't seem to be a stylus slot.