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Klipsch introduces three new AirPlay-enabled sound systems

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Klipsch has announced three new AirPlay sound systems — the compact RoomGroove Air, tabletop Stadium, and larger Console. All three will be released in late 2012.

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After coming out with its first AirPlay speakers earlier this year, Klipsch is expanding the line with three new systems — the Stadium, RoomGroove Air, and Console. All three products can stream music wirelessly from iTunes and iOS devices; they also accept direct USB input for charging or using other music players. The RoomGroove Air, a compact speaker system that's the smallest of the three, has dual 1-inch tweeters and 2.5-inch woofers. The larger Stadium, shown above, has 1-inch tweeters, 3-inch midrange woofers and 5.25-inch built-in subwoofers. Both the Stadium and RoomGroove Air should be coming out in fall 2012.

The third system, the Console, is a combination sound system and furniture piece (something like a black end table), designed to accept HDMI, USB, and optical input in addition to AirPlay. It's meant to be able to function as either a music player or the centerpiece and subwoofer for a home theater system, and isn't coming out until winter 2012. We'll try to track these down and give them a listen this week.