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HTC Titan II for AT&T first hands-on

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We've had a chance today to play with HTC's Titan II, one of the first LTE Windows Phones to be announced.

HTC Titan II hands-on
HTC Titan II hands-on

In the wake of AT&T's monster device announcement this morning spanning multiple Android and Windows Phone devices, we're embedded with HTC to take a first look at the Titan II. The phone bears a striking resemblance to the Titan of old as you might expect, but it's got that wild "16 Megapixels" label on back. It feels both like the old Titan and also a number of other 4-inch-plus HTCs of recent memory — the Thunderbolt comes immediately to mind — and it definitely trends toward the thick end of the spectrum. Odds are that has to do with at least three things here: the LTE radio, a big battery, and the SLCD display, which requires more girth than its AMOLED counterparts.

So, what about the camera? The jury's still out until we can properly review the phone, but the initial impression is that you might not be getting better quality images here — just bigger ones. Of course, until phone engineers how to break the laws of physics, it's hard to get around the issues of optics and limited sensor size... but 16 is a pretty awesome number, isn't it?

Dieter Bohn contributed to this report.