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Sony announces new HTIB systems and A/V receivers, coming this Spring

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Sony has revealed some forthcoming additions to its line of style-conscious HTIB systems and A/V receivers , including the new BDV-E390 5.1-channel 3D Blu-ray system.

Sony BDV-N890W
Sony BDV-N890W

Sony has revealed some forthcoming additions to its line of style-conscious home theater-in-a-box systems, providing more options for consumers hungry for a turnkey living room solution. The BDV-E390 3D Blu-ray system features 5.1 channels with 1000 watts of total power, built-in Wi-Fi for viewing online content, an iPhone / iPod dock, and compatibility with Sony's HomeShare wireless speakers for streaming audio to different rooms in your house. The BDV-N790W takes things up a notch, adding wireless surround speakers along with an HDMI out and dual HDMI inputs. Topping the lineup is the BDV-N890W, pictured above, which upgrades the two front speakers to floor-standing models, and bundles a set of HomeShare speakers for an instant multi-room setup.

Two new receivers were also announced: for basic audio needs, the two-channel STR-DH130 offers five analog audio inputs and two outputs. The high-end STR-DH830, on the other hand, is a 3D-capable 7.1-channel audio / video receiver with five HDMI and two component video inputs, an integrated iPhone / iPhone dock, and 1080i video upscaling via HDMI.

The entry BDV-E390 Blu-ray system will retail for "about" $400, though no prices were given for the other models. All of the new products will be available in the spring.