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MySpace TV social viewing to launch on Panasonic Viera HDTVs

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MySpace and Panasonic unveiled MySpace TV at CES 2012, an application that allows viewers to share and chat about content being watched.

Gallery Photo: Panasonic live blog pics
Gallery Photo: Panasonic live blog pics

Well, this is a bit bizarre. Panasonic just brought MySpace on stage at CES to take the wraps off MySpace TV — an app that will be offered on the just-updated Viera line of Panasonic plasma HDTVs. Smartphone and tablet iterations are also planned for the service, which "fully integrates social and television in new ways that add a dimension to content discovery and evolve the traditional television experience" according to the companies. Owners of the upcoming Viera Connect-enabled TVs will be able to download the software, which MySpace says will initially be comprised of music-related content before expanding to movies, sports, and news in the future. Apart from social networking-inspired features like comments and ratings, viewers will also have the ability to chat with others about what they're watching — not unlike what's offered with Xbox Live's party feature.

MySpace TV is expected to be launch in the first half of 2012, though the company has also shared that it is currently accepting applications for a PC beta of the service.